Artwork by Paraceta' Smol

Artwork by Paraceta' Smol

Welcome to Tree of Exodus


Published 09.11.2022 by Deathmonkey Meowmeow

Site relaunch

New version of the website is now live. changed lot of the code around to take adavantage of Livewire components so that certain things can be reusable like character screen or the mounts screen.

Site is using the Laravel 8 Framework, Laravel Livewire, Alphine JS and Tailwind CSS

  • Roster page shows you each member of the FC, each job that is scanned will have a link to it.
  • Clicking the link will show you their job and also the minions they have mounts they have, minions they need, mounts they need etc
  • Mounts page will show you the horses, birds, kamuys, gwibers and raid mounts that people have or still need.

TODO List:

  • Adding descriptions to unlock minions and mounts to all minions and mounts so you know how to unlock them.
  • Adding name of the extreme you need to do in order to get mount on the mounts page.
  • News/NewsItem Components so home page displays news items
  • editor for adding news adding news something like Summernote or something like it. Hitting save will create an article on database and News component will display in date created descending order.